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CrossML Vibes: More Than a Workplace, It's a Lifestyle!

Step into the dynamic world of CrossML, where work coverts into a vibrant lifestyle. Embrace innovation, collaboration, and a thriving community, creating an atmosphere where each day unfolds with extraordinary experiences.
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Rewards and Recognition

At CrossML, our commitment to excellence is celebrated through a thriving awards and recognition culture. Recognizing achievements fosters a motivated, collaborative, and innovative work environment.

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Team Lunch

At CrossML, we cherish team connections over delectable lunches. Our team lunch outings cultivate a vibrant and inclusive culture, fostering camaraderie and boosting overall team spirit.

Team Trips/ Outings

We value team bonding through memorable trips and outings at CrossML. Our team culture promotes shared experiences, fostering collaboration, and strengthening the bonds that drive our collective success.

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Festive joy resonates through our vibrant workplace at CrossML. We celebrate diversity and unity, fostering a festive culture that brings employees together for joyous occasions and shared celebrations.

Fitness Sessions

We prioritize employee well-being through invigorating fitness sessions. Our workplace culture encourages a healthy lifestyle, ensuring our team thrives both personally and professionally.

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Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays

Fun Fridays are the heartbeat of CrossML. We embrace a lively culture, dedicating Fridays to team-building activities, yummiest snacks, laughter, and shared moments of enjoyment.

Perks and Benefits

Employee Referral Program

Avail referral bonus for bringing your talented friends, family, and former colleagues to CrossML.

Holidays and Leaves

Enjoy generous holidays and leave benefits at CrossML. 21 leaves and 10 festive holidays per year.

Life Milestones

Time off for moments that matter in life. Avail paid/unpaid leaves for Marriage, Maternity and Paternity.

Rewards and Recognition Program

Get the benefit of monthly, quarterly, and annual appreciation programs.

Physical and Mental

From fitness programs to mental health support, we prioritize your holistic health journey with monthly reimbursements.

Ongoing Education and Resources

Access to training resources and certifications to help achieve goals and move forward.

Want to be a part of Dream Team?

Join the Dream Team at CrossML – where innovation, collaboration, and excellence redefine what’s possible. Your journey begins here!

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