Revolutionizing Risk Assessment in Hospitality: Real-Time Insights for Enhanced Food and Restaurant Management

  • By Amarpreet
  • Published on December 28, 2023
  • 2 min read


Project Overview​

As implied by the name, the project’s primary focus is food. In essence, it was created for the client, who can think of the project as a company that operates several restaurants under franchise agreements. These companies now have several camps scattered throughout the city, and they cook meals specifically for the number of people residing in each camp.

Because of the way the system is designed, users have the following flexibility:

  1. Rights can be granted to users for individual restaurants (many users can manage numerous rights for multiple restaurants).
  2. Keep track of the ingredients and prepared food inventory.
  3. Determining a recipe’s nutritional values and allergies based on the items that are added while cooking.
  4. Overseeing Recipe Production and Servings.
  5. The system’s built-in food planner allows users to arrange their meals, indicating which dishes should be served, when and where.

Key Challenges

  • Inventory Optimization Managing ingredient inventory across multiple restaurants, predicting usage, and preventing shortages is challenging.
  • Recipe Standardization Ensuring consistent quality and taste across various locations with different chefs and cooking staff is difficult.
  • Allergen and Nutritional Transparency Providing comprehensive allergen and nutritional information for menu items is a regulatory and customer transparency challenge.
  • Meal Planning and Efficiency Organizing meal plans for specific locations, times, and meal types while efficiently managing kitchen operations is complex.

Our Solution

Ingredient Management

Streamlined Ingredient Handling and globally managed ingredients for all restaurants. It classifies ingredients and provides specific details (nutrition, allergens, etc.), and ensures accurate inventory and availability tracking.

Recipe Creation & Management

Empowered Culinary Innovation that enables top chefs to craft and manage recipes efficiently. Provides real-time nutritional and allergy information and facilitates sub-recipe creation for ingredient sharing.

Efficient Inventory Management

Proactive Inventory Supervision and manages ingredient levels during recipe creation. Notifies staff about low or depleted supplies and ensures kitchen readiness and avoids cooking shortages.

Benefits for the Customer

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Granular User Rights

Users can be granted specific rights for individual restaurants, allowing multiple users to efficiently manage various restaurant operations.

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Inventory Tracking

The system enables meticulous tracking of ingredients and prepared food inventory, ensuring optimal stock levels and timely replenishment.

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Nutritional Information

Users can determine the nutritional values and allergens in recipes based on the ingredients used during cooking, promoting transparency and dietary awareness.

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Recipe Oversight

The system allows for overseeing recipe production and servings, facilitating efficient meal preparation and portion control.