Artificial Intelligence to supercharge
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Artifical Intelligence

Digital Transformation

Being a core technical partner we have been working with 100's global enterprises of all sizes to solve their technical and architectural problems and helping them in better business strategies, digital transformation, and increase business productivity.

  • Provide high-availability and resiliency with fully-managed CI/CD deployment pipelines and automated monitoring tools.
  • Achieve high-level of cloud security, data protection, vulnerability assessments, and automation for continuous compliance.
  • We ensure that your critical data is clean, stored securely, and delivered to end-users in near-real-time.
  • Data holds the key information so we leverage your customer's data at every touchpoint for conversions and retention you can count on.
  • Our digital expertise assures right products to enhance your customer's experience and align your business goals with your users.
Cloud Migration & Management

Cloud computing offers modern businesses opportunities, flexible operating models, help reducing in-house infrastructure cost, and the agility to compete in a dynamic world.


DevOps Pipelines

DevOps pipeline is a set of practices that the development (Dev) and operations (Ops) teams implement to build, test, and deploy software faster and easier.


DataOps Pipelines

DataOps is orchestration of people, processes, and technology to deliver secure and business-ready high quality data for data citizen, operations and applications.


Web & Mobile Application

An emerging strategy for application software companies is to provide web and mobile access to software previously distributed as local applications.


Boost Your Business Efficiency using Hyperautomation, RPA,
and OCR

We at crossML helped many customers across diversified industries such as retail, logistics, banking, and healthcare to automate their manual repetitive and plain sailing tasks with minimal to zero human involvement in the impactful way using Hyperautomation, RPA, and OCR.

  • Logistics Automation solution reads all relevant information from shipping slip, generates shipment summary, and updates ERP inventory correctly.
  • Invoice Automation tool automatically extracts useful information such as invoice details, address, line items, and totals from digital PDF invoices or images.
  • e-KYC application helps people to scan their national ID proofs, read confidential information, and complete their KYC process very easily and securely.

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OCR Automation

BlueprismOpenCV Python OCR

IoT Data Pipelines

AWSApache SparkApache AirflowRasberry Pi

Mobility Data Pipelines for IoT
Devices using AWS Serverless

Being a technical partner, we have provided our customers with fully automated solutions, serverless pipelines and technical tools to store, process, and analyze unprecedented amounts of mobility data received from different IoT sources.

  • Designed managed automated Data Pipelines to collect unprecedented amounts of streaming data from IoT devices without losing any data packet.
  • Provided the Serverless Architecture to crawl unstructured data to convert it into a common format using dynamic algorithms.
  • Our Machine Learning Pipelines automatically connect with data lakes to train models and generate useful insights to make the right future decisions.

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Helps Making Better Business Decisions with Predictive

Predictive analytics uses customer’s historical data and apply statistical techniques & machine learning modeling to transform data into meaningful insights, identify trends, and customers behavior.

  • Helping financial institutions to ensure their customer’s superlative experience and protect them from fraudulent transactions and false insurance claims.
  • Increased efficiency for manufacturing industries by streamline their supply chain process, reduced material wastage, and forecast right inventory demands.
  • Enabled many retail and media industries to personalize their users content and recommend them right products based on their history.

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Predictive Analytic

BlueprismOpenCV Python OCR

OpenCV Python OCROpenCV Python OCROpenCV Python OCR

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