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5x Response Rate and 70% Lower Costs with GenAI powered virtual assistant

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CrossML transformed eCommerce Customer Support using personalised GenAI Assistant

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Respondify Inc.

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Personalised content generation using Advanced Prompt Engineering and RAG fine-tuning

I have worked with CrossML on Multiple projects and each of them turn out to be excellent work. It’s not just about coding when it comes to software development, but also the understanding of the goals and how to get there and this team certainly does well in it.

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Efficient Operation, granular controls and better business visibility with AI-enabled customised ERP System.

Infinity Group Partners with CrossML to build an AI-enabled customized ERP that centralizes data and streamlines operations. This solution enhances efficiency, improves decision-making, and supports growth with cutting-edge AI and cloud technologies.
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Delivering Highest ROI from GenAI Initiatives

Achieve Customer Loyalty

Use GenAI tools to improve customer satisfaction.

Chatbots and virtual assistants

Automate customer queries with GenAI chatbots, virtual assistants, and
voice bots.
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Agent assist

Improve agent performance and first-contact resolution with GenAI task automation and summarisation.
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Conversational analytics

Accurately identify key topics, customer sentiments, and emerging trends with GenAI tools.
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Improve customer experience with personalised customer offerings with GenAI algorithms.
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Enhance Operational Efficiency

GenAI systems: Streamline and improve operational efficiency

Document Processing

Automatically extract and summarise data with GenAI tools and get actionable insights.
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Supply Chain Optimisation

Evaluate and optimise several supply chain scenarios and improve logistics with AI.
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Data Augmentation

Generate synthetic data with AI to train machine learning models.
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Enhance employee productivity

Help employees improve their productivity with GenAI tools.

Employee Assistant

Enhance employee productivity with an assistant AI tool having a conversational interface.
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Code generation

Help employees with code suggestions through AI, accelerating the application's development.
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Automated report generation

Automatically and accurately generate various reports like financial reports, projections, and summaries.
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Improve Organisational Growth

GenAI algorithms help improve organisational growth and profitability


Improve marketing with GenAI-generated engaging and SEO-friendly content like social media posts.
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Product Development

Accelerate ideation phase with AI-generated design prototypes based on constraints and inputs.
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GenAI improves sales strategy by generating personalised messages for future prospects.
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Scaling GenAI and LLM Applications from Prototype to Production

Transform GenAI prototypes into enterprise-ready applications that boost efficiency, drive growth, and enhance business performance.

Seamless Data Ingestion and Preparation

Transforms raw data into valuable and actionable insights with seamless data ingestion and preparation

Advanced Model Development and Training​

Create advanced and sophisticated AI models with the help of advanced model development and training.

Effortless Deployment and ​ Management

Streamline the implementation and oversight of organisational systems with effortless deployment and management.

Real-time Observability and Monitoring

Continuously get insights into systems’ and applications' health and performance with real-time observability and monitoring.

Security and Governance

Improve the overall data protection, security, and compliance of your organisation with security and governance.

Autonomous Operations with Secure, Ethical and Efficient GenAI Solutions

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Contact Center Intelligence For Improved CX And Boosted Agent Productivity

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Demand Planning and Built-in Contextual Collaboration with AWS Supply Chain

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Transform Document Processing Workloads Using FMs On AWS Bedrock

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Automated Content Moderation For Regulatory, Safety And Operational Needs

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CrossML has excelled at delivering successful GenAI solutions to its customers and has been recognised for the same with many awards and accolades.

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