Celebrating Excellence: CrossML Recognized At NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2024!

CrossML Pvt Ltd recognized at NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2024 for “Delivery Excellence in Tech Services” and “Outstanding HR Practices”.
CrossML Recognized At NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2024

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Every organization is incorporated with the aim to become the best in the services and products that they provide.

In the technological landscape that is constantly changing and advancing, getting recognized is proof of moving in the correct direction and path.

We are thrilled to announce that CrossML Pvt Ltd has recently received a couple of prestigious awards at NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2024 that have boosted our morale to continue to provide excellent services in the future.

The awards recognized our efforts in providing delivery excellence in tech services as well as our people commitment through outstanding HR practices.


NASSCOM (National Association of Software and Services Companies) is a prestigious Indian organization that helps in the formulation of national information technology policies along with the government.

NASSCOM SME recognizes extraordinary Micro (revenue between 0-5 crore INR), Small (revenue between 5-50 crore INR) and Medium (revenue between 50-250 crore INR) enterprises that are related to the Technology Industry.

These enterprises can be providing technology driven services or even products to become a part of NASSCOM.

At the NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2024, held in Chennai and Delhi, some of the best Indian Tech SMEs were awarded, which provided an inspiration to hundreds of people in the technology industry!

NASSCOM is responsible for bringing together the entire tech industry in the form of industry leaders, domain experts, tech influencers as well as potential clients through events like the NASSCOM SME Confluence 2024.

Our Achievements

Founded by visionaries Mr. Amarpreet Singh and Mr. Ankit Aggarwal, CrossML Pvt Ltd aims at providing excellent delivery services to all our customers while maintaining the morale of our extraordinary team.

As a result of our tireless effort of moving towards the direction of customer and employee satisfaction, we have been recognized at the prestigious NASSCOM SME Inspire Awards 2024 in two categories – a Main Award and a Special Award:

Delivery Excellence In Tech Services Award

With the ever changing world of technology, delivering exceptional tech services requires not just technical expertise but a commitment to fulfill the needs of our customers.

Providing exceptional services is a culmination of technical excellence, deep understanding of the needs of the customers, commitment to quality and a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

We at CrossML follow all these principles tirelessly to provide our customers the best services that helps them grow their business to greater heights.

Outstanding HR Practices Award

We at CrossML dedicate all our success to the people in our organization who work with great enthusiasm and integrity to meet customer needs.

The people in our organization are the pillars of our innovation, growth and success. It is through their hardwork that we have been able to receive such outstanding recognition from a prestigious platform like NASSCOM.

Recognizing the importance of human resources, we at CrossML have cultivated a work environment that fosters collaboration, creativity and personal development.

Our commitment to providing outstanding HR practices is not just restricted to talent acquisition and recruitment but also in nurturing and empowering our employees to grow and thrive in their respective fields.


In conclusion, we at CrossML are humbled to receive such an honour in the form of the awards “Delivery Excellence in Tech Services” and “Outstanding HR Practices” from a remarkable organization like NASSCOM.

With the recognition, we are now further motivated to meet the requirements of our customers with greater zeal and enthusiasm!

Finally, we would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone who has been a part of the journey of CrossML whether you are a customer or employee because we could not have achieved so much without you!