Automate Manual Repetitive Tasks
using OCR

Artificial Intelligence and Hyper Automation are transforming businesses and contributing to economic growth via operating tasks without human intervention. Digitalization of business operations helped many companies improve the efficiency and productivity of their business processes. Since data is becoming a very crucial asset for an organization, technologies like OCR (Optical Character Recognition) enables organizations to extract useful information from different documents and images into an editable format without manual efforts.

According to IDC, It is anticipated that by 2022, as much as75% of enterprise companies will embed
AI and RPAinto their business processes to discover operational insights.

Why OCR is the key element for all businesses?

  • OCR enables businesses to achieve higher productivity, efficiency, and reducing human costs through the automation of repetitive tasks.
  • OCR increases the accessibility of data from digital documents ensuring organizations make better future decisions.
  • OCR immensely improves the customer service experience by easily accessing information from text messages or voice calls.
  • OCR helps to convert scanned documents and images into editable formats to update information constantly and regularly.
OCR Automation

We at crossML helped many customers across diversified industries such as retail, banking, and healthcare to automate their manual repetitive and plain sailing tasks with minimal to zero human involvement with following OCR (object character recognition) based hyper-automation tools.

Logistics Automation

With a customer based in Italy, one of the largest beef importers receives hundreds of beef shipments on a daily basis. And it was really hard task for humans to summarize inventory from each box and it into the ERP system.

So client was wanted a fast automated solution to extract and read useful information such as product name, weight, price, expiry date, etc from packing slips on each beef boxes.

crossML provides an OCR-based fully automated solution that reads all useful information from shipping slip images, generates shipment summary reports, and correctly updates inventory into the ERP for each item. This solution helped our client to run logistic processes more efficiently, saved a lot of time, and reduced more than 50% of the human costs.

Invoices Automation

Invoice processing and accounts payable workflows are always been manual, time-taking, and expensive processes for organizations. Fortunately, OCR and Digitalization have proved their capabilities to overcome this inefficiency and error-prone process in the last few years.

We enabled many of our clients to automate this complex and time-consuming process with ourInvoice Automation tool and microservices. Our tool automatically extracts useful information such as invoice details, address, line items, and totals from digital PDF invoices or scanned images into the editable format and eliminates the need for manual data entry. This tool can self-learn new formats and develop a more nuanced approach to read information using machine learning algorithms.

KYC Automation

KYC is a very crucial and important process for any banking or financial institution for making sure that people are who they say they are. Digitalization has transformed the capabilities of KYC from traditional paper-based hard copies to online ID verification and digital signatures in a very efficient and managed way.

KYC Automation

With our e-KYC automation tool, people can scan, upload, process, and complete their KYC process very easily in a secured manner. Our tool can read users information from many different types of documents such as Driving Licenses, National ID Proofs, Passports, etc for many different countries. It automatically handles the quality and orientation of documents and automatically applies necessary filters to improve accuracy. We completely understand how the user’s personal information could be sensitive and confidential, so this tool securely encrypts the information while transfer or at rest.

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